Episode 9

Published on:

31st Aug 2020

Sammy Magic and The Big Cool Rock: Chapter 9

The holidays have come and gone, but unfortunately, our heroes quest to discover the identity of Nicky Flannel must be put on hold... because there's a football game. I know. The most important plot point of the story has to be put on hold because of sports. This isn't a me decision either, this was in the original book too... but can Sammy survive Alan Rickman's refereeing on the field? Will our heroes discover the identity of Nicky Flannel? and... why is Groundskeeper William here? Find out on Sammy Magic!

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The Many Adventures of Sammy Magic
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The Many Adventures of Sammy Magic is a fully improvised retelling of one of the world's most cherished book series, Harry Potter. The only difference? We actually make the story good. Join along as Sammy Magic and his friends, Greg Ginger and Harmony Smartz head to Wizard Harvard to attempt to defeat the most dastardly magician of all-time... Evil Douglas.

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